A tiny epiphany

Epiphany is such a great word, isn’t it?  Here’s a tiny one that came up the other day.  I have been reading about diet and how food can affect cancers.  Several sources suggest to drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea a day; that it can quite literally begin to remove the tumors, based on some legitimate research.  (See Anticancer, by David Servan-Schreiber, MD)  So, I began to drink 2 cups of Bancha tea, an old macrobiotic tea recommendation, and then several more Korean Premium Green Tea cups as well, for several days.

My blood pressure went through the roof and I got very ill, for about 3 days.  I just had to wait until it was all out of my system before I could go on.  Fuck.

So here’s the epiphany.  Yes, read medical research and consider suggestions, try them out. But remember that we must process each one through our own metabolic systems and we are all different.  My system cannot tolerate that much caffeine.  It just can’t.

Eric brought home some decaffeinated green tea, and I will try that, once I regain my balance.  I cannot imagine how people live through chemotherapy.  I can’t even tolerate 3 cups of green tea!



5 thoughts on “A tiny epiphany

  1. I sure appreciate your frank stories, Susan. I never cease to be surprised that people think the medical community would withhold cures from their patients. My brother is a doctor & gives 200% for his patients. I think most doctors are the same. But I hope the decaf works for you!

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  2. Thanks for the link, and your sweet attention, Trudy. This caught me totally off guard, even though I know that green tea can be too much for me in the past. Something about this diagnosis has tipped me temporarily away from my own knowing, as I search for answers.

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  3. A small contribution from maybe 5 years ago:


    So this is the prize
    for refusing to run the race:
    two-and-a-half minutes
    of cool, transcendent grace,

    and this is the price
    of transcendental boast:
    remainder of your days, almost.


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