Tibetan Healer

A few weeks ago I had a private consultation with Dr. Tenzin Yangdon, a slight Tibetan woman in traditional dress, who spoke with a thick accent and a radiant smile.  She took all 12 of my pulses, in a manner very like Chinese medicine: 6 on each wrist, three superficial and three deep, each one giving her a reading of my 12 channels of chi. She named weak kidney chi, as well as some damage to my lungs, acknowledging the deep fatigue.

From her perspective, I’ve had weak kidney chi since I was quite small, something that I had figured out as well. Her assessment came without any conversation with me about my life, rather what she could read from my pulses.  Aside from taking cannabis oil, she prescribed some herbs and maybe some Tibetan pills.

Dr. Tenzin does sound healing, so she settled large and small tibetan bowls on my body and kept moving them around, adding and taking away, in a vibrant and deeply intuitive dance.  Left leg, right leg, arms and belly, everywhere. She would touch a part of my body, test the chi, then adjust the bowls, and again.  And again.   After about 15 to 20 minutes, I felt as though I was “ringing clear” throughout my whole body, including my kidneys.  Delicious experience. I’ve had sound healing before, but not like this.  She is a magician.  A physician.  A healer.

Hopefully she will return to Portland and I will receive a second healing session.  I remain profoundly grateful for this connection and my time with her.

Meanwhile the young woman here in Portland, who is a Tibetan healer in her own right, checks in with me.  Part of my team.







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