Tumeric into my veins

Friday, today,  Eric and I drove over to the Urban Wellness Clinic to see Dr. Dave, my oncologist Naturopath, for the first IV turmeric infusion, if that’s the right word.

We injected 40 mgs of turmeric through the IV process directly into my blood system through my vein.  The turmeric is provided by a compounding pharmacy who make it into a product that can be assimilated by the body this way.  Tumeric, based on plenty of new studies around the world, has been shown to remove cancer tumors fairly effectively.  So, we’re trying it. Most people start with 80 mgs, so I asked that we start at half that, just to be on the safe side.

No side effects, no problems at all! Yippee!  What a relief.  I was kind of sweating this one, since I haven’t had much luck with the IV trip, the drip trip.  I had trouble with Vitamin Bs, Vitamin C, and an IV drip that was designed to provide a type of detoxification to my entire system.  That’s why Eric now goes with me each time; I got quite ill a few times and was afraid to drive by myself.

In two weeks, we’ll do it again only this time we’ll do 60 mgs and see how it goes.  My next CT scan at the end of January, or PET scan if my oncologist can swing it, should show how my cancer is doing: same, less or more.  I want to have at least four infusions of turmeric before the scan. And meanwhile, I’ll keep doing everything else I’m doing.

Eric and I talked about this today, how I am trying so many things all at once that it will be hard if not impossible to tell what might be working the best, assuming there is a reduction in tumor size.  We decided to stay with the holistic approach and assume that there may be some synergy involved, a whole body/mind/soul effect.

Meanwhile, it’s the holiday so I wish everyone a peaceful Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate; maybe we’ll have a white Christmas this year!  May your New Year be blessed with joy, delight, good health and fun, laughter and lots of hugs!!!

I’ll check in next year…







2 thoughts on “Tumeric into my veins

  1. Irregardless of how your cancer is doing, you yourself are doing great: facing reality & dealing with it; able to share, manage your limitations, and still smile. I’m back here, lagging behind and trying to catch up with you. With love, Donna


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