PS on Food as Medicine

For those of you who might have read this last post on food as medicine,  I have some other recipe books to recommend that help a great deal with cancer and really any other illness or disease that you might live with.

Eating Your Way Back to Health: A Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Cooking, by Jessica K. Black, ND, and her second book, More Anti-Inflammation Diet Tips and Recipes: Protect Yourself from Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies, Fatigue and Pain.  Both of these books, written by a Portland local Naturopathic doctor, offer some really excellent recipes and information about foods we might be choosing.  She has a foolproof banana bread recipe, for example, that is gluten free and sugar free and tastes great, easy to make.

When I was much younger and lived in NYC in the late 60s, there was a restaurant not too far from me in what became the East Village that served only macrobiotic food.  I loved that food, and used to think that if I ever got really ill I would revert to a completely macrobiotic diet.  Well, now I am really ill, and am turning naturally to this diet.  It’s similar to all of these I’m recommending now, but based more on a Japanese style of eating, with seaweeds, rice, and no sugar except fruit.  I find that I am now craving this food.  My old copy of Zen Cooking is probably out of date, but I assume there are newer books out with an updated macrobiotic menu.

Kidney cancer is a strange disease, in that all the doctors of Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine that I’ve consulted have urged me to eat meat and eggs.  What I find is that I feel stronger and healthier when I eat meat about 3 times a week.  Most cancer fighting menus urge patients not to eat meat at all, but I get a pass on that one.  I give thanks to every animal who has sacrificed.  That part is hard for me.  We buy only locally grown beef that is humanely treated, feed no antibiotics, and is free range.

I think we’re back to trusting our own bodies, and listening deeply to how they respond to just about everything we try on this healing journey.  Bodies don’t lie, they are trustworthy, so I hope that you listen carefully to yours.

And do feel free to share here what you might have learned about this topic.  Comments are most welcome.  I want to learn more.






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