Smoke Signals from Medical Marijuana Land

I promised smoke signals along the way with medical marijuana, so here goes.

What “the word on the street” recommends for cancer is what is called Rick Simpson Oil (or RSO) oil, the resin that I described awhile ago.  I’ve found, after some trial and error, an organic cannabis RSO oil, extracted using certified organic cane alcohol, from the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon.  No pesticide residue and no mold or mildew of note.

It has 185 mg of THC (which is the stuff that makes you high) and 451 mg of CBD which is the stuff that helps get rid of tumors.  It comes in a syringe type thingy of 1 ml, that lasts quite a long time for me.  I only take a tiny drop every night before I go to bed.

Here’s what I have noticed.  This oil no longer gets me high like the first time I tried it.  I take a tiny drop about an hour before I go to bed, and once I lay down to sleep, I only notice that my mind is traveling down some old roads, or strange new roads, somewhat.  I can easily separate from these thoughts by calling on the witness, calling in mindfulness.  Couch lock is not an issue, since I’m in bed, sleeping.  Dr. Allderdice called that one correctly.

I sleep 10 hours a night now, pretty deeply, and do not wake in the middle of the night agitated as I did before I started this.  Waking in the morning, I don’t seem to have any muddled thinking, or foggy brain like with melatonin. Sometimes I am tired, but I’m always tired and it’s hard to sort out one kind of tired from another type.

Overall, I seem to be happier in this strange new land I inhabit.

Just for fun, I also bought some cannabis infused chocolate the other day…  because I can!

Once cannabis is legal around the country and clinics can start doing good research, we’ll begin to know what is true and what is street myth.  People in Europe, who have been doing research for decades, are also indicating the medicinal qualities of marijuana, and the folks in Tibet, for example, have been using it for eons, safely and with good results.

Stay tuned.






2 thoughts on “Smoke Signals from Medical Marijuana Land

  1. Thanks, Susan . . . I love your posts! Your medical marijuana experiences and the food as medicine information are especially interesting to me.
    Love, Rene


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