Tibetan Medicine update

Dr. Tenzin is back in Portland, and I got to see her today.  She encourages me to eat better, especially broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.  And soursop, a strange fruit I’ve never seen.  My husband Eric looked up on his laptop where to find it in Portland.  I’ll let you know.  Dr. Tenzin says that some folks are finding soursop to be 90 times more effective than chemo!  Worth a try, part of the adventure of this process.

And says “Joy.  Focus on joy.”  In her own very respectful way she indicates that I am worrying too much, thinking too much, and need to relax.  Yup, got that right. Easier said than done, that.

Dr. Tenzin did her Tibetan bowl magic on my body again, this time focusing on clearing my lungs.  When the last vibration had sung itself out, I felt my whole chest cavity open and clear, and my breath deepened. Christiana, who lives in Portland, is learning and I bet she will be extremely good at this, too.  I plan to provide this to myself as often as we can afford it; it’s delicious and effective.  I wish everyone in the world could have this experience at least once!

Dr. Tenzin taught me a Medicine Buddha Healing chant, and even suggested that I record her singing it in Tibetan on my phone.  The idea is to sing it for every bead on my new sunstone mala, 108 times a day.  Memorizing just about anything is hard for me, but I look forward to this practice, and hearing her voice every night, with her profound encouragement: Trust yourself.  Live your life fully every day, find joy.

And I will be sending out the energy of the Medicine Buddha to everyone I know and to all sentient beings, as well.

Because, hey, I am stronger now!


2 thoughts on “Tibetan Medicine update

  1. Hi Susan. I’m sure that when Eric did his search for soursop in Portland he discovered it’s also known as graviola and guanabana. Eating the fruit (if you can find it!) is probably safer than taking an extract (of the fruit and/or leaves).

    In my own quick Google search for “soursop,” I noticed some cautions about it.

    This article on the *benefits* of soursop includes sections on uses and components, research, and recommendations (including a caution). See: http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/benefits-soursop-4285.html

    It’s not clear how efficacious it is for treating cancer, despite the various claims for graviola extract. I’d want to research a bit more to see if there are some good studies of its effectiveness. See: http://www.cancercenter.com/discussions/blog/experts-caution-against-soursop/

    In higher doses (as in the extract), it has some adverse neurological effects. See: http://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/Suppliers2/Toxicology-expert-raises-alarm-over-potential-neurotoxins-in-graviola-soursop

    Thanks again for sharing many facets of your healing journey! Love, Trudy


    1. Trudy, you are a gem, for sure. Dr. Tenzin was very clear to get the fruit. No mention of extracts. She prefers going directly to the food itself. Eric was searching for the fruit. New Seasons carries it in the summer, but not now. We haven’t tried Fubon yet; I may ask a neighbor if he would look for me; he goes that way fairly often. For me, now, it would be an all day jaunt! Might be a fun jaunt, and I may venture out anyway. Like going over seas! Hope you are well, and thanks for your love. I would like to see you sometime if you are well.


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